Saturday, June 19, 2004

From the first moment I saw this design in stained glass I wanted to make it. On the outside of the white oval I simplified the pattern, on the inside it is not changed. We used iridescent glass and at night it reflects light in the most gorgeous colors of blue and green and pink, I just love that glass !! Posted by Hello

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Marlene said...

Gorgeous stained glass! That is something I have always wanted to try. I love your flower photography too....and the picture of the tea-cup on the antique doily is just like the lovely calendar pictures. I am suprised you have not listed photography as one of your hobbies.

When you stopped by my blog you asked if I could help you with the positioning of a "hit counter". Sorry...I need help with all the blog stuff too. I have only been at it a very short time and can't do anything complicated myself. Mine is located way down at the VERY bottom of my page simply because that is the only place I could get it to work. You have to paste the link into the "formatting" page.....a frightening place to visit and I don't like to stay too long! It's all greek to me! I myself would like someone to help me correctly position the Blog-ring code. I want to join a couple of rings but can't figure out the formatting.