Thursday, May 27, 2004


Clutter is so obvious in my attemps to re-organize my yarn stash and pattern books, but I am gaining on it. I found a strong shoe bag on sale, this kind hooks over a door, and put all my knitting supplies in the various pockets. Result ? Extreme satisfaction :-)
I had folded sturdy placemats and sewed narrow seams for knitting needles to go in, and then you roll up the placemat and voila! instant control. That was nice but the shoe bag absorbed the rolled up placemats and way more. I once asked my Mother if I should refuse an opportunity to learn a new craft since I had so many already. Her answer was, no, never turn down a chance to learn something new. So........I can never be bored, with knitting,and tatting, and my cello to practise and then there's always housework and ironing but I'll tell you what, I do miss the sun today. Somehow it energizes me and I'm guessing I'm not alone here. "As long as a man stands in his own way everything seems to be in his way" (Henry Thoreau) Hey, I qualify for that,but, nothing ventured, nothing gained. sweet ANY sucess is !

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jag said...

you have a great way of saying things. i love you so much. i think you are sooooo talented. your pictures are fabulous. i love the tatted bookmark and the peony and the yellow dishcloth in progress. you never cease to amaze me. way to create a knitting organizer! your words are fun too. (voila and some other word i never even heard of. have a wonderful day! xo