Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Beverly Cleary's 'Ramona' books and 'Henry and Ribsy' are very special to me.  I just finished listening to a collection of them on Audible. (16 some hours, which passed pretty quickly....just listening off and on.   And then~~I saw the interview with Mrs. Cleary on you tube =).

  When asked about her childhood, she told how she was an only child, growing up on a farm.  She would coax her Mother to tell her stories etc. Mrs. Cleary said that after a while, their town had a library,  one of her favorite books was 'Dandelion Cottage', written by Carroll Watson Rankin. Mrs. Cleary lived to be near 100,  so to be able to read the very same book she loved as a girl is special indeed!  

It is a story about four young girls,  who were allowed to use an empty, rundown cottage at the back of a church for a playhouse.  It is a delightful story.  I went over to amazon and found Kindle is offering it for FREE!  It only takes about 2 hours to read and I recommend it highly. I just finished it yesterday....the print could be spaced not so close together, but the story is 5 stars!


Patsy said...

We started a book club, on our second book.
This is going to be fun-- hearing what others get from the book.
Surprised me.
Happy 4th of July

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. Sounds very special. Happy Fourth to you.
I am not blogging any more, but I enjoy stopping by to say hi.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks so much for letting us know! I got it at Amazon for FREE! I can't wait to read it. They gave me some other books I might be interested in and the complete collection of William Shakespear is 49 cents! I didn't get it because I doubt that I would read them but what a deal. I'm off to see what other deals they have! Happy 4th sweet friend!

Nancy said...

Beverly is 102 and still alive. I may have to look for her books at the next library book sale.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That book does sound good!

Saija said...

good to read a post from you! :) ... glad you are spending your time in a most enjoyable way!