Thursday, July 13, 2017

Choosing 'happy'...

I'm thinking I need to practice this little truth more often, because its uplifting to be thankful for the good times and good things that God gives us.  So many!

How interesting to see my picture there on the wall behind the piano.  Notice anything in particular? The carefully glued puzzle pieces show up clear as can be.  I  put this puzzle together some years ago and so loved this picture.  I hunted high and low for a print of it to no avail.  So....I glued it together and framed it and am still enjoying it.  Usually the puzzle pieces do not show up unless you get close to it.  Now, this is a 'good time' still making me happy.  O my soul, skip to the good times and be ye thankful.


Mildred said...

That is a beautiful and sweet framed puzzle/art and I love the figurine too. Oh, how I loved to jump rope when I was a kid! I have never been good at putting puzzles together. Good for you framing this lovely piece to enjoy. Wishing you a blessed afternoon.

Patsy said...

We should all skip and jump with joy in happiness.
Pity the people that do not love the Lord.
We need him so in this day and time we live in.
I still like doing the app puzzles. Your picture
puzzle is very lovely.

handmade by amalia said...

Some days it is easier said than done, but really, why not choose happiness?

Saija said...

thank you for stopping by my blog dear Maggie Ann ... you were in may thoughts last week, so i felt the need to send you the card ... and not only in my thoughts, but prayers ... life has its challenges, but aren't we the blessed ones who have GOD on our side - to help us and also to fight the battle for us! One day, we will be with Him, and then all the puzzle pieces will fit together perfectly ... loved your post ... blessings on you as you keep your light shining and keep fighting the good fight ... In Jesus!

roth phallyka said...

Good for you framing this lovely piece to enjoy. Wishing you a blessed afternoon.