Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Happy Christmas days...

I love to hear the harp played, don't  you?  And it is so special at Christmas time.

Well, my missing book has been found!  Apparently, I had laid it on the cellar steps and it got knocked over into and behind a large fern sitting on the bookcase next to the steps.  It had to be answered prayer, or I don't think I would have found it until the fern needed to be watered.

It rained cats and dogs here today.....plus a nasty cold blowing wind. We did go over for therapy and then hurried home to make lunch and rest. Now, I think I just may go watch one of my favorite Christmas movies. If I can stay awake...that is.


Dolly said...

That HAD to be God ! I would have NEVER found it !

Hope you got to watch a movie.....I actually put on a tape of Charlie Brown's Christmas while I sewed a few days ago. I enjoyed it so much, it having been YEARS since I had watched it. Now when I hear Schroeder's piano song on the radio I get all HAPPY ! And I chose Charlie Brown's Christmas stamps today when I had to buy a new book of stamps at the post office.

Silly me, but Christmas memories are precious things, aren't they?

Patsy said...

Glad you found your book!

Marie C said...

Glad you found the book!

Please pray for good weather for us as we travel! No black ice on the roads, or stormy conditions to deal with! My husband will be driving a U-Haul with a trailer with one car on it, and I will be following in the other car. We are only going to drive in the daylight hours, but I am a bit nervous. We had wanted to leave here in late September or late October at the latest, but things just happened the way they did and now we are traveling in the middle of December! Putting it all in God's hands!

saija said...

YAY for finding the book!
and also YAY for times of watching movies through sleepy eyelids ... seems like we've come full circle! big big ((hugs)) and blessings on you dear one!