Friday, October 07, 2016

'Post It' flag bookmarkers....

 'Post It' flag bookmarkers are what I use all the time, even in my Bible.  I have never had them pull lift off any print....though I am very careful on Bible pages.  I can't begin to tell you how handy these are!

And always handy!  Last night hubby and I ....via 'you tube'  watched old tv shows of 'Whats my Line'.  If you can't find anything decent to watch on tv, I'd like to recommend 'Whats my Line?'  It is loads of fun and I believe it ran for about 10 years....1958 or so on.  They always have a guest celebrity that has to be guessed.  Its a lot of fun =)  I uploaded an episode on the previous post from You Tube.

And if you have Dish Network for a tv provider.....and your husband and  you enjoy old 082-00 often has 5 or so back to back episodes of Roy Rodgers and 'The Lone Ranger'in late afternoon or early evening.   =)


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Our cable has added those channels and we've watched them a few times. I like those old game shows and Westerns. On the weekends they have some old Sci Fi movies. Last Saturday The Blob was on. I watched the very beginning of funny now! Hugs!

Marie C said...

I like those post-its...they are a great idea! We have so many things we dvr and watch when we can....sometimes old movies. They can be so refreshing!