Saturday, July 02, 2016

 A good breakfast....I need to do this more often. We enjoy smoothies daily (most of the time) crammed with spinach, kale, carrots and frozen berries & a banana plus a cup or so of liquid like orange juice.  Put that all in the Nutri Ninja and in one minute we are drinking it and  yum!

 Remember the board game 'Othello' with the black and white chips?  I came across this article recently and it is so interesting.  Mr. Hasegawa invented 'Othello' as a child and marketed it as an adult.  He recently passed on at the age of 83.  I like to play  board games, and Othello is a good one, easy yet hard to win.

And isn't this Lenox plate in the eyeful of beauty. I found it at the Goodwill and recognized the Lenox  pattern right away.  Joy comes in small things....often.  Wishing you all a blessed Lord's Day.

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Saija said...

JOY does come in small things ... i experience that too! in those little things that come my way, where i feel God's smile and embrace!!!

we have had such a busy june ... a blessing for sure, just taxing on "aging" bodies! LOL!!!

hope you and your sweet hubby have the BEST of days on your special day!!!! big big HUGS ... from your old blogging bud in middle canada ...