Thursday, April 14, 2016

Just .....

Just barely able to post today.  My mini seems to  want to freeze up now.  Anyway, what's the most fun I've had this week?  Hubby and I were in a Goodwill store and I noticed a game called 'Sequence' which I thought looked like dominoes played using cards.  Not at all though. It is so much fun! And it cost me all of 87 cents 😊  It's best played by 2 players, it has a game board picturing card faces,  each person is dealt 7 cards and using one of the 7 cards in your hand you can place a plastic checker on the game board that matches your card. If and when you are able to line up  5 checkers in a row, this is called a sequence and doing this twice wins you the game.  I love playing this game.

I have never been able to beat my husband at any game where I had a fighting chance and have it be so much fun! Thinking of the political adds lately, I will type the following ' my name is Maggie Ann aka Kathy' and I approve 'Sequence' , a fast moving fun game.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Enjoy your game! Jack and I used to play games a lot but not anymore.