Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello, friends

I had forgotten how good these are and easy to make too.  Just dip fresh marshmallows in chocolate...yum!  Treats are hard to resist and they do put on an extra pound now and then.

 It is raining here,  dreary night that it is. I uploaded El Cap-i-tan on the Mac and am now trying to get  used to it.  One thing about the Mac I cannot understand is how to transfer music or audio downloads to my phone or itouch.  Seems so confusing.

Thanks for your probably almost gave up on my blogging. Trouble is when something goes amiss on my computer.....its a mystery to me for a while until I get help.

 I'd better get off line now, its 11;pm and I was headed for bed around 9:30 with a book and my ipad. Have you ever tried the 'Just Jumble' app?  I play it almost every is fun. Its one of those apps that if you play ever day they give you free 'coins'.  Once in a while I use a cheater site for the answer because their hints are too much $.  I think so anyway.

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