Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Lazy summer

I have such a blessing at finding yard sale and flea market doilies. I fell in love with this pink one even though it's points are badly damaged.  And....I had the loveliest ruffled pansy and when I looked for it this morning, it was dead !  On the bright side, our cat was taken to get spayed,  only to find out she had already been done.  She is the most loving cat,  and the love an animal gives you is so special! I never realized that before. Oh, the blessings that come to us from the hand of our loving Heavenly Father!  If anything happens to her I think I want another kitty cat, I am so fond of her.  Even my husband has been won over.

The rain and humidity here are wearing.  I have no energy!    I am doing some tatting and enjoying that once again.  I finished a bracelet yesterday.  I am blogging from the couch today, for now anyway.  I have a colonoscopy in my schedule soon.  Now to post a picture if blogger will co-operate.


Dolly said...

Yes, you do come up with some lovelies from all of your yardsale/thrift store adventures........this one is a WINNER.

That ruffled Pansy is GORGEOUS.......how disappointing that it was already gone.

Oh, I am so glad that you've discovered the joy of a loving kitty. Mine just yelled out and I turned and found that she was dreaming ! I comforted her and she looked so confused ! Love my fur baby !

Carla from The River said...

I think the story about your kitty is just so sweet! We have two cats and you are right, they become part of the family.

Patsy said...

We had a much loved cat for a lot of years, they make life better.
Hope your test are good , I just don't ever want to have it done again. LOL

Latane Barton said...

That doily under the flowers.... love it.

Marie C said...

How did I get so behind with you! That pansy was so gorgeous...I hate you lost it! And that doily is just beautiful!