Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Oh Joy!  Look, my Amaryllis is almost blooming!  They are always so exciting to watch, then the saving of the bulb toward next  years advice-just don'  I've never had success doing that.  I had to stop and look up the spelling of Amaryllis and look...the name Mary is hidden right in there.  That does it, I will call my Amaryllis 'Mary'......=)

 African of the most beautiful houseplants and easy as pie to grow.

 And look!, one of the mini orchids have buds....thats been a long time coming and Very welcome =)

 We found these at Ollie's for $5. and what a huge blessing.  I am right on schedule and everything is all laid out for me.  Every day has your Old Testament reading, New  Testament reading, a Psalm and a couple of paragraphs at the end from Andrew Murray in-depth comments to help one grow spiritually.  I love this devotional Bible SO much.

 I read this last week and it is a charming story of three sisters making their way in the world on their own.....very enjoyable.

Right now I am reading 'Promise Me This'.....this lady can write, let me tell you.  I just read her 'Hold up the Sky' and it was hard to put down.  This book is about so many things....I think I'll let you look it up on Amazon for the story line and maybe a sample.  It is very lengthy and what a story from the sinking of the Titanic and much more. I'm ready for the happy ending though....

It will reach almost 40 degrees here today and so we are going out and about.  This has been such an enjoyable Jan. & Feb. so far....lots of good reads and my daughter's work schedule has changed so lots of  fun calls from her.  Not to much snow and the wood-burner keeps us toasty warm.  About to start my day,  more later!

'Preserve me O God; for in thee do I put my trust'  Psalms 16:1


Dolly said...

Oh, goodie ! I always look forward to the great little finds you discover on your outings. I hope you find some more pretty 'glass' !

I'm reading the Charles Stanley daily Bible for the second time 'round, and I enjoy it so !

Stay warm !

Patsy said...

You always have good books to read.
McGee is in Hosea on the Bible Bus.
Have fun today.

Carla from The River said...

You are going to have to give me pointers on how to get an orchid to bloom. We were given one by a dear friend who is now a missionary in Haiti.
So far no luck on getting it to bloom, I would love to show her I got it to bloom if I could. :-))

Your plants are beautiful!


Saija said...

i LOVE your Amaryllis!!! and i also love to hear of new authors (well new to me!) ... blessings on your sunday ...