Friday, January 09, 2015

Hot water a plenty!

 A new electric kettle came home to heat the tea water. I really like it.  My new Teavana tea pot and cups cannot go into the microwave because of the gold trim.  So I was heating water in a glass measuring cup and then having to reheat that....this way ....lots of hot water to heat the cup and brew the tea.  The tea isn't brewed in the kettle though.

 This Franciscan teacup & saucer was brought home for $6.00 recently..... and made for a happy me.

What a delish-dish,  muffin and plate! And... I can't tell you how happy I was to get the Teavana yellow set for Christmas from my daughter.  Isn't it gorgeous?  When I opened that gift  I laughed and I cried.  I had admired it oh so much at the mall but never dreamed it anyone would buy it for me.  Oh....thanks sweet daughter!

We are staying home a lot because of the extremely bitter temperatures here....12 degrees & lower plus a nasty wind chill.  Hubby keeps the wood burner going and I am enjoying my 'Magic Puzzles' app once again.  And reading Christmas books I received as gifts &.....I have started a thru the Bible program, I must post about that soon if I can remember.  And I am quite busy with Sherlock Holmes  'find the hidden' things apps.  Kind of addictive!  and wholesome...but don't like the pop-up adds.  Probably if I bought the full game they would nix the adds.  I like 'free' though, don't you?  =)  If I had younger children at home yet I would buy the full game version though to protect them from the adds.

Next on my books to read...among many 'Return to Me'  by Lynn Austin. It is a historical novel about the Jews returning to Jerusalem after their captivity.  I love to read!

What do you call a cow that has been knighted?  Sir Loin!   Read that in an older issue of Readers Digest and it made me smile. Hope your day is a sweet one, full of accomplishments and encouragements.

Psalms 145:3 Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable'.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll look for some of these free apps...sounds like fun! I played on mine a lot the past couple of days because I didn't feel good. AND...I always heat my water in a measuring cup and then pour it into my tea cup. What a neat kettle you have! I'll look for one! Enjoy your day my friend. Life is good! Hugs, Diane

Patsy said...

On my I pad with the podcast I get Thru The Bible with Vernon McGee on Sunday. Then every night I get The Bible Bus on Tuneln Radio. Love these apps, and thanks to you I work away on Magic Puzzles.
I always loved the Apple dishes but never had them.
Like you we stay in a lot it is just to cold.

Dolly said...

I'm sure that all of your pretty 'pieces' just make your little snacks and teas so much more enjoyable. But there's always room for a 'modern convenience', too ! Great water heater !

Carla from The River said...

I love your idea of an electric tea pot. I will have to look into getting one. Where did you get yours?

I also like the app ideas. Thank You! Would Sherlock Holmes be okay for my boys? What kind of pop ups do you get?

Marie said...

LOVE your gorgeous yellow tea set! What a sweet daughter! Great having that electric water pot too. Sorry it is so cold where you are. I would stay in the house 24/7 if it was that cold where I was! :-) Hot cups of tea, muffins and macaroons, books by the fireside....wonderful wintry day fare! Have a great week dear friend!

Carla from The River said...

Thank you for the information regarding the Apps. Yes, it did help me and I appreciate it. Your 2 cents was perfect. :-)
Thank You!!