Thursday, January 22, 2015

A lazy lady...

I wish I would feel like sewing, but do not....but her little kitten catches my eye...those claws!!  kind of true to life, isn't it.  I am trying to push myself to go exercise.  Trying!  My daughter is buying a yellow lab puppy and they are excited!  Another month till it can leave the Mama.   Not a ray of sunshine today!  But I am enjoying some great books, in spite of grey skies.  I finished two Christian novels in a few days...they were that good.


Dolly said...

I read a modern Christian novel,just finishing it last night. I think it is the first in a series, and I hope that I can find the others. It was REALLY good for a modern one .

The name of it is "Redemption", and it was coauthored by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley.

I'm lazy now too......meant to spend the day at the cutting table, but got talked into babysitting. Now that they're gone, all I want to do is relax !

Marie said...

Love the illustration! I have a Board on Pinterest, well actually three, for illustrations and I particularly love the children's books plates and the fantasy ones. They are just so beautiful! If you aren't on Pinterest, you might think of joining. It can be fun.

I also would love to invite you to join the online book club my Mom & I started. You send your email address to my Mom (Living Life on Main Street....or just go directly to Springtime in Magnolia Book Club....on my sidebar) and tell her you want to join. She will send you an email invitation and then you accept. You can post book reviews on the blog and also make comments on others' reviews. It's also loads of fun! It doesn't have to be the book you just read, but any book you've read at any time. Check it out.

I hope you will get back to your sewing....have you been knitting lately as well? I imagine the weather is pretty bad for you right now. Stay warm! All my best---

Everything Changes said...

Nice to see you again. :-)