Saturday, December 13, 2014

Things that caught my eye...

 Isn't this type of kale beautiful?  I've never seen it before but I think I like it better than the all-green variety.  The stems are edible so it is quicker to prepare.  Dice half an onion, saute a minute or two...pour into the same skillet about approx. 1/3 cup raspberry salad dressing....a handful of craisins and let it steam for 4 minutes.  Still very chewy and loaded with vitamins.

 This tea set I positively fell in love with.  It is like looking at sunshine .We were at the mall and I could hardly tear myself away from the window. I have one vintage yellow teacup that shows its age....made it Austria.  But!

 While waiting to get a loaf of bread sliced....I admired these yummy,  bright colored donuts.  This bakery is over the top delicious with their baked goods.  Can't look at these to long....they weaken one's resolve to be good and eat  healthy....haha.

This is what we bought to take to our Church Christmas potluck...along with a ham and corn  pudding. I had a tiny piece of the German Chocolate....which is my absolute favorite!  The chocolate icing was to die for delicious!  every bite!  And back to reality...a bag of also delicious pears,  which spell...healthy + delicious!

I have been wrapping gifts and doing some sewing....just a bit.  Getting ready for Christmas like you are I think.  I am also reading a book called 'The Remember Box' by Patricia Sprinkle.  Its written in first person, which I've always liked for some reason.  It looks like a groggy...foggy morning here, but I'm looking forward to a good day.

'O  God, thou art my God....early will I seek thee'.  Psalm 63:1  (I think).


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We had a nice sunshiny day but a little cool for us...only in the 60s. Hubby got some doughnuts today...nice to have some treats. I love that beautiful yellow tea set, too. Enjoy your weekend. I need to start reading again...I've taken a break. Holiday hugs, Diane

Mari said...

That kale is very pretty - I've never seen anything like it.
Love that tea set!