Saturday, July 05, 2014

Special Things....

 We live near a nursery that has an amazing sale every summer.  Our yard and patio are filled with beautiful flowers we would not  have if not for this  give-a-way sale.  Oh,  how blessed we are. I think most all places have something special about them.  Stores or antique shops or  something that is unique to that area.  For instance,  Newell, WV is a small town,  and not much to offer but...the Homer Laughlin factory is there,  with their fun outlet.'d love it!

 How sweet to have an angel fountain in your garden.....even if she doesn't pour water,  and was a clearance item because her pump is broken....and one may not have electricity way out in the back yard!  Broken in the eyes of the store manager,  but a thing of sweetness to the customer.  Just the very thing to sit in the midst of an old-fashioned circular flower bed.

 My larkspur!  This beauty, is a great re-seeder and one  of the few flowers that are a gorgeous blue.  This one is more purple-y....but really the flowers are a combination of blue & purple.  Sometimes pink or white also. They retain their color when pressed also.

 Part of my Gladys Taber collection.  She has a wonderful way of talking to you....through her books, and lived life so appreciatively.   I have tried a couple of times to start a journal...but.  It fell flat, and I stopped trying.  My best effort was a collage 3x5 daily card journal.  Now...that I like to do and have forgotten all about it.  May be....its time to get back to it.  We forget how  important our own lives are and that God loves us like we can't imagine.  John 3:16 is proof of that.  There is no love compares to his.

 Here is an old vintage treasure!  'A Spinner in the Sun' by Myrtle Reed.  (You can download the Kindle edition of this book for free on Amazon.) We read this aloud one summer and really...really....enjoyed it.  I have a collection of her books, and enjoyed almost all of them.  Picture flickering candlelight....and a woman at the piano,  quaint and earnest.  With a story...and song.

 Wishing you blessings!


Sola Scriptura said...

Beautiful photos! Your remark about how much God loves us made me think of 1 John 3:1
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!"

Patsy said...

I reread my Gladys Taber books ever so often. This year I planted Larkspur for the first time it is small but guess it will grow ? Have a good week.

Carla from The River said...

I am so jealous of your collection of Gladys Taber. ;-)
I love your post, you are so right. I like what you said about the fountain.

xx oo

W. Latane Barton said...

larkspur has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember anything. Yours are really pretty.

Marie said...

What a beautiful post, Maggie Ann! So filled with God's blessings and the joy of the world around us. I love larkspur can see the little bunny's head in the center of the bloom. Oh, a close Homer Laughlin factory outlet. Yes! I am green with envy! :-)

I have been away for the last two weeks, on vacation in Four Corners and up into Utah & Colorado. Have tons of stuff to post! It was a very tiring trip, but such a blessing!!!!