Friday, March 07, 2014

We found two dinner plates and this saucer at a Good Will store last night. Aren't they pretty?... 50 cents each.  We were on the way home from being out all day and I was tired.  So tired I almost passed up the opportunity to shop in the Good Will. (But I did say yes to going in)  I like the way the Johnson Brothers left their mark on the back of the plates.  Its is sheer art!  Such detail and loveliness is a gift in itself.  Today's world is rush...rush,  hurry up and get more stuff to deal with.  Things like this are beautiful and timeless.  And no rushing..just relaxing and.... enjoying.

 Also,  I picked up a bag of stands for displaying tea-cups and saucers.  The bag had 6 stands in it and would you believe I put every one of them to use. =)

 Hubby went grocery shopping at Aldi's and brought these out to the car.  Wow...I said.  We are going around shopping for tile for our upstairs bathroom.  Just in case we decide to do it this spring.  We don't know quite yet.  Its not important in the least,  but he just had his bathroom done and it turned out so nicely.

I am still reading up a storm.  Laughing and sometimes wiping the tear from my eye.  Love of reading is a wonderful gift I am thankful for.  Though,  truthfully,  I tend to read a while,  then get away from it and get into something else...just as wonderful.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  I hope he returns soon and catches us away.  What glory that will be!


Carla from The River said...

Beautiful post. I agree, may He come soon. Amen!

Dolly said...

Oh, what lovelies you found ! And that is so great to find the stands to display the ones you already have collected. I bet we could spend an hour browsing through your house admiring your little 'finds'.

I just adore buying unusually beautiful plates, cups and bowls !

Marie said...

Your finds are AMAZING always! I don't know how you come across such treasures! That Strawberry Fields plate is wonderful. Thank you for being so faithful with your comments. I love hearing from you so much! Someday maybe we will meet.

Marie said...

Just wanted to add that all the women in Wife No 19 lived awful lives in polygamy. It was a very telling and important expose. It's written without emotion, though--kind've matter-of-fact, as a history. I watched Escaping the Prophet recently about the group that stayed with polygamy after the Mormon church removed it by law from their group. This other group, the FLDS, has been in existence since that time, and some of the people try to get out. That's what this 5-episode show was about, and it was VERY interesting! I'm sure you remember the news accounts of Warren Jeffs being arrested....he's still in prison but still controls the group from there, and it is such a tragedy!

W. Latane Barton said...

Those are lovely finds at the Goodwill store. And, you have the cups and saucers displayed so beautifully.