Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What a day for tea!  It is cold and windy and icy.  But we have plenty of teacups, all kinds and colors waiting for hot tea to warm us up.  Thankfully for me...its a stay at home day.  =)   I might get my cello out soon here,  a bit of music would be cheerful, don't you  think so?

Did you watch the couples ice skating last night?  Meryl and Charlie are fabulous..I enjoyed their skating very much.  I wish the girls wore more clothes though.  I love the grace of skating.  Never had the opportunity to learn to skate when I was young, did you?


Carla from The River said...

I did not learn to ice skate. My husband did. He use to skate a lot. :-)But we get so busy and we do not take time to do that stuff like we should.

Patsy said...

How great you can play the Cello, music can always cheer me up.
Your cups and tea pot are very colorful.
I can roller skate.LOL

Marie said...

Enjoying your comments so much! My what a perfect teapot to match Fiesta cups! Hope you are keeping warm. No, we didn't watch the skating. I don't know why but we just haven't watched any of the Olympics this time, and I used to love the skating at least.