Thursday, February 06, 2014

 This is an old collage I made,  and its magical....color that is!  It transforms things into beauty.  I am keeping my art journal going, just not every day!  Good intentions and all that but reality is finding me journaling about once or twice a week.

 Too early  yet for pansies but isn't this picture cheerful?  I can never decide which color I like best.

Another of my old we are, driving off having a wonderful time!  I remember the background here was something I water-colored and loved the different shadings of blues. Paste on some clip art and do some stamping,  and a masterpiece is born...ha ha. And a last ha ha...masterpiece indeed.  Wishful thinking, thats what!

I have two apps from the itunes store to tell you about. (that I'm having so much fun with!)  One is called 'Wopple'.    It is sort of like the tv show 'wheel of fortune'.....and starts out a bit like 'hangman'.  You have categories to choose famous places or common phrases...and you guess at the  vowels etc until the aha! moment when you guess the phrase. There is an app called 'Apps Gone Free' and that is where I picked this up..with a bonus of 1000 may not be free now though =(

The other itunes app is called 'Cat on a Diet'.  Remember 'cut the rope'?  well, this app is by the same group and very fun.  You have to figure out  how to  get the cat into the cookie jar.  The cat has cute expressions while you try to figure the puzzle out.  I like it too!

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Carla from The River said...

I love the first one. It would make a great card design. :-)
Have a wonderful Valentine's week!