Monday, February 24, 2014

Hayley Okines, book review, 'Old 'Before My Time'

I just finished the book 'Old Before My Time' and it was such a story!  It is about a beautiful girl with Progeria.  She will win your heart right from the beginning of her story.  She and her Mom, Kerry have put in lots of pictures and chapters told from each of their perspective. added blessing is that you can go over to 'You Tube' and see many video  interviews with Hayley.  Some show her meeting celebrities or feeding dolphins.  There is a trip (with youtube video) on a trip to Egypt for a Birthday celebration and she gets to see pyramids up close.

 The book and videos'  were a blessing!   That they would share even some  of the concerns living with Progeria is not only interesting but gives a lot of information on the medical progress occuring to help children & teens who live with this condition where they age 8 times faster than normal.

This is a such a good book about a very very special girl and her very special family! Educational and heart-warming!

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Marie said...

Stories about today's brave heroes overcoming illness and adversity are always so inspiring! I looked at Mom's blog a little while ago and she has been reading (stories about real people) and watching old movies, and it reminded me of you--reading and knitting! :-)Wintery things...I have been trying to finish the quilting on our daughter and SIL's quilt...ALMOST done! Reading too of course...trying to get my sidebar caught up. It's about four books behind! :-)