Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Farmers & Threshermens Jubilee

Saturday the 7th of September we went to the Farmers and Threshermens Jubilee in Meyersdale, Pa.  It was so much fun.  We saw demonstrations of threshing, and corn shelling (& more)  using 'horse' power.  It was very enjoyable.  We bought fresh pressed apple cider and freshly ground buckwheat and cornmeal.  Did you know buckwheat does not contain gluten?  And the homemade bean soup....was delish!

The horses were powerful and I enjoyed seeing all this 'close-up'.  We had a beautiful and sunny.  Thunder is rumbling outside my window right now...quite the contrast to sunny,  but I like it, being contemplative and cozy inside while the weather rumbles and the wind shakes the trees.  Those leaves will soon be gone and then we will have the 'art' of God's winter.

 Pancakes made with the corn meal ground and sold up in Meyersdale.  Even my husband liked these.

 How fun to have seen all the process and work that it took to make the Corn Meal.


es, we went back to our florist and asked for more sunflowers....farewell to this one too.  Its brief life seems to be over.    But oh, they are beauties!  Thank you Lord for flowers.
 This is a wonderful gluten free cookbook I found at 'Ollies'.  It is beautifully done, and I am loving trying its recipes.  (In spite of everything being fattening....and its hard to lose even a pound these days!)

Yesterday for supper I made these pizzas out of that cookbook.  Yum, I liked them.  The dough was raised briefly by using yeast.  After not having pizza for about 2 years,  I really enjoyed this.  Although the crust was more like a biscuit texture,  it was moist and satisfying.   *** stars at least!


Patsy said...

Your post is great love the Jubilee. It has not gotten cool here yet.

Carla TePaske said...

I love your photos! You did a great job on the video!

Dawn said...

The Jubilee looks like something my oldest son would enjoy with his family! SO him!!!