Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sorry I'm not posting much.  Things are busy lately, and I am knitting a lot and enjoying it.  We've been working outside some.  I've already had nasty insect bites this year and a case of poison ivy or some sort of poison.  Because of that,  I'm not eager to enjoy the outdoors.  We did plant some gerber daisies tonight though. I do love the crisp weather temps right now.  Too much heat does me in along with too much ac  keeps me chilly.  I am sleepy but trying to post a bit so I don't have to 'retire' my blog just yet.

'Let us keep steadfast guard.....With lighted hearts all night,
That when Christ comes, we stand prepared,....And meet him with delight.'

At midnight's season chill,....Lay Paul and Silas bound,
Bound and in prison sang they still, ......And singing, freedom found,

Our prison is this earth.....And yet we sing to thee;
Break sin's strong fetters, lead  us forth,
Set us, believing, free!

Meet for thy realm in heaven,....Make us, O holy King!
That through the ages it be given,....To us thy praise to sing.'


Carla TePaske said...

Enjoy summer and keep us posted when you can. :-)

Marie said...

Longing for Christ's return in the face of all going on...Hope you won't give up blogging for a long time. I would miss you! Have an awesome summer, and do what posting you can. Sorry about your poison ivy, by the way! Not fun!