Friday, May 03, 2013

 Here we are, back home from a visit to our daughter and her sweet family.  She took me to all of her favorite consignment stores and what a treat it was to visit these shops.  Talk about fun!  I've taken some shots of course...just for you to see and maybe something will inspire you as it did me.

 These bundles of vintage book pages tied with twine and lying about in baskets fascinated me.  I love books and wanted to read each page.  I would hate destroying old books though....=(.  On the other hand  if you found something you loved and it was in very bad condition.....well, there you go.  I would do this then.

 I would never have thought of  using children's books to make a charming birdhouse like this.  I think we can do this now that we've seen it, don't you?   Just glue the pages on the wooden premade birdhouse and use a book to top it off....and one underneath too.  I think the birds are going to enjoy this as much as we will.

 We stopped at a store called 'Habitat for Humanity'  and they had a bulletin board with these ideas on it..and that is where I took the pictures of these grand ideas.  I Loved....this chair swing.  It is really cute but would it be comfortable?  Will hubby have a try at making me one??  Hmmmm.

 This one is a bit crude but ingenious,  I have to admit.  You know, for those antique chairs that have broken seats or backs that we fall in love with at flea markets....and are cheap to boot!

 How this one works I'm  not sure, but our grandsons love legos....

And how about this!  A corsage 'ring' for your finger.   Pretty neat I think.

I finished another tatted bookmark and love the results and the tatting.  Now that I'm home I will get back to my sock gusset knitting.  (I am still such a newbie at knitting socks that it intimidates me a bit).  So many blessings, and so much to do.  Leaving  you with a wish for a happy day.....and ever mindful of God whose love for us is so great,

'Behold the throne of grace;....The promise calls us near...
There Jesus shows a smiling face.....and waits to answer prayer.

My soul, ask what thou wilt.....Thou canst not be too bold;
Since his own blood for thee was spilt,....What else can  he withhold?

Thine image, Lord, bestow....Thy presence and thy love
That we may serve thee here below....And reign with thee above.

Teach us to live by faith....Conform our wills to thine;
Let us victorious be in death....And then in glory shine.'   John Newton


Maple Lane said...

What beautiful and creative ideas. Interesting about the tatting, too. I remember having neighbors who tatted when I was a child. Tatting is fascinating!
Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Marie said...

Dear Maggie Ann...I am so far behind in visiting so many of my dear blogger friends, and I apologize for getting so far behind with you! Great post...some interesting ideas! Hope you are having a wonderful summer.