Monday, November 26, 2012

 What a blessing to have the family all home for Thanksgiving! It was wonderful.

 This centerpiece of flowers was enjoyed by my daughter and I in particular.  I don't know what those little red berry-like things are, but they add such a rich touch!  It made me feel rich..and of course I am not rich at all.  Unless you count an  overabundance of 

Stuffing is not very pretty.  So the bowl made in Romania adds a cheerful touch.

I am truly thankful for the beauty that surrounds us every single day.  Whether its the sky or the bare trees silhouetted against it...or the cheerful color of my tea cup.  I soak it up...and thank the Lord, my Saviour.

 Our daughter is ready for a little football!!  If only our team won more often.  Well, everyone has gone home now.  The house is oh so quiet, but with rich memories that bring smiles to me,  all through the day. Time to go over the Sunday School lesson and then go out to do some shopping.  

National Geographic sent out a gift catalog.  Did you see the 'Heathered Fair Isle Cardigan'?  It is so lovely...but $199.00.  Hand-knit in Peterhead, Scotland.  That's why they call these catalogs 'wish books' right?   Our grandsons have a catalog....and the 4 year old told his Mom he would put an 'A' on everything he wanted.  Can you even imagine how many 'A's he  (plus...I think an 'A' is maybe one of the only letters he can really print well.  Too cute...and more cute!


Chatty Crone said...

You had a great Thanksgiving didn't you? sandie

Carla said...

Thank you for the sweet comment regarding our cards. :)

I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving, so did we.

God is so Good!