Thursday, November 01, 2012

What is it with me and antique $8.00 chairs?  We came home with another bit from the past.  So homey and charming.  And steadfast to have lasted all these years.  I like those qualities.

It has a damaged seat, although a sturdy attempt at repairs left it pretty solid.  I'm thinking of sewing a ruffled cushion over cover this corner.  When I get some energy.  Which is not happening this week,  but one of these days it will. Surely.

I was just over at Amazon browsing the free e-books for a few of the 'Fireside' books.  When the book becomes so old it can be considered public domain.  I really enjoyed one by Amy LeFeuvre, called 'Teddy's Button'.  Free and what a sweet story, with spiritial lessons throughout.

Another author I'm enjoying is Hesba Stretton.  She wrote many, many books in the 1800's.  Her Father owned a bookstore and her Mother was a devout Christian, which influenced Hesba's writings in a precious way, as you might imagine.  I just came across this bit over at Amazon that told that Hesba Stretton was really a pen name used by Sarah Smith.  Hesba is a nicer author's name I think...quaint and catchy at the same time.

I just started reading 'A Thorny Path' by her and the main character's name is Hagar.  How's that name to get your interest! It did mine anyway.  The dumb thing I did was actually buy this one..(after downloading about 8 free books of hers) and let it download to my pc instead of the Kindle.   Whaaaaa, thats what happens to be sleepy ...sleepy, on a grey November day.

Update!  I went to Amazon....'Manage your Kindle' and easily sent the book 'A Thorny Path' to my Kindle app.   amazingly easy.  =)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a very pretty chair!

Everything Changes said...

Interesting this world of Kindle. :-) Love the chair.

Marie said...

Wow, I had no idea there are books considered just "public domain" and are now free. I love your new/old chair! :-)

podso said...

Maggie Ann, thanks for the book tips and this post on books just goes right along with mine! It is fun to know someone else who has collected the HO books! Thanks for the kindle/amazon tips as well. That's a great chair, and the plate ... my mother's friend had a set of those apple plates --- we ate at their house many times. Happy memories come forth!