Saturday, November 10, 2012

A portrait of a cabbage with a rainbow upon it, while taking pictures using my new 'Gorilla' tripod.  The cabbage rests on an 'Ikea' tea-towel of which I have ever so many. Kitchen art at its best, equals small bits of fun for me. 

 This is a 'Jet-puff' photo shoot.  The marshmallows were old enough not to melt, would you believe that?!!   How could they? They just got gummy and stuck to the bottom of the pan terribly. So, no rice crispy squares for us just yet.

And this, an English teacup and saucer which I enjoy so much. A  pretty teacup and a gorgeous rose of God's own making. 

 If you have happened by....  I wish you a sweet Sunday. Getting to attend worship service is a great blessing to me.  To sit in God's house and listen to and meditate on His written word is such a privilege, and a sacred responsibility.

'Standing on the promises of Christ my King, Through eternal ages let His praises ring;

Glory in the highest I will shout and sing,  Standing on the promises of God.

'Standing, standing....Standing  on the promises of God my Saviour;  Standing, standing, 

I'm standing on the promises of God'  From the hymn...'Standing on the Prommises' by R. Carter


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Love the cabbage especially. The hymn is an old favorite. My late dad's best friend sang bass and I can recall him singing the bass part of this hymn (standing on the promises)....sweet memories.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Cranberry Morning said...

Such sweet and cheering photos! Hope you have a blessed Sunday. Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. :-)

Saija said...

lovely pictures and wonderful hymn!!! blessings on you this Lord's day too ... i was going to email you the other day - but that's as far as i got, something distracted me or needed my attention!!!! lately, that is the way it has been for me ... just wanted you to know you are thought of with love & appreciation for your Godly ways!!!! big (hugs)

Carla said...

Wonderful post! I love your photos.

Everything Changes said...

There is just something about teacups!

Lorraine said...

Standing on the promises right along with you! Lovely photos! Sorry about the marshmallows. I am a fan of those tasty crunchy treats too.

Marie said...

Love the cabbage photo! Too neat. And that teacup and rose...beautiful!

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