Wednesday, October 24, 2012

 We are once again enjoying our baked butternut squash, and sometimes toasting the seeds...yum.  We have had the most glorious fall season  here in Pennsylvania!  I am sorry that the trees are beginning to look more bare than dressed with orange, green and glorious reds. Isn't God's handiwork so wonderful!

No matter what the season,  this truth we hold dear to our hearts. Forever.  'Trust in the LORD'.  And at our house...we are still finding an interesting estate or occasional yard sale to visit now and then.  Not that we 'need' anymore...'stuff'.  I guess it just shows we are still alive....or something??  smile.    Last week I bought an antique chair...oh so nice in spite of a broken seat...which I might cover with a thick foam seat cover set.   Or cut the back off and use it as a jewelry hanger perhaps. An $8. beauty.  Something from the past....antique, yet a reminder of those who went before us,  even as we shall leave 'stuff' behind for those who come after us.

Thank God from whom all blessings flow,  God, our destiny and eternity.  Oh that more would bow their hearts and knee before him and confess Christ as their Saviour.  I am so glad I did this about 32 years ago.  My days are passing swiftly, but I know I am His and He is mine.      p.s.  you know what?   I wish I could remember to enlarge the font size here.  When I view this after publishing...the print looks sooo small.  This is what I want...I think.  Not so tiny after all.  I'm happy now.....bye. Have a nice day....=)


Chatty Crone said...

I love your flower - and the yellow!

You know I think blogger changes things or something happens - because sometimes my blog font is big and sometimes small - and I haven't done a thing!

Senkyoushi said...

I've not been able to watch DA. How did you do that?

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes .. trust in the Lord! I've enjoyed reading the latest posts here. Glad nothing was broken (camera or bones) in your fall. Our daughter (the one that lost her little 6 month daughter to a heart defect in June) is once again expecting .. Joy is returning to our family. Come by my blog for a peek into Nathan's progress. He's making great strides.