Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I may have to start a NEW blog.            blogger is rejecting my effort to add a photo to new posts.  I have already used up my grace period for header photos and now I cannot post any pictures.  So....I hate to think of giving up this blog to start another...but??   Could someone tell me what advantage there is to blogging with Typepad versus Blogger?  I'd like to know and thanks if you can share anything with me along those lines.

  I've been drawn to vintage photos at flea markets lately, and here is my small, but much enjoyed findings this summer. The amazing thing about this little collection is that the photo of the couple on top of my piano...she has the white blouse on with her arm leaning on the chair  (sorry its a bit out of focus).. the man in that photo and the man in front of the clock to the the same person.

 This little collection on the other end of the piano are my family. Mostly Aunts, great Aunts, and my Grandfather on the wagon seat. And I was tickled pink to find this small glass lamp with the black shade that pulls it all together oh so nicely.  So I've got two vintage collections, one on each end of the piano.  One B&W, one sepia.  One my family, one other folks.  I'm enjoying both of them.

  We were at a house sale...just for the fun of it.  While walking from room to room upstairs I spotted the wedding picture  hanging there on my wall.  The lady in the foremost picture's name is Mary and this is her high school graduation picture.  The wedding picture on the wall is Mary's wedding.  The adorable little girl's picture beside Mary's high sch. picture is  their little daughter Dannah.  Who....grew up to become a nurse!

    I hope Mary and her family knew Jesus as their very own Saviour.  What sweeter ending to life can there be than that.!


Patsy said...

When I see photo's like that to me it is so sad to think no one in the family want them or there is no more family left.
You did a wonderful thing to save them. Do you every go to farside of fifty's blog and see the photo's she rescues? She is on my side bar.
Have a fun day!

Anonymous said...

I love your photo collections. Like Patsy says, you need to visit Far Side's Forgotten Old Photos blog - you would love it.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I to love old photos!

Patsy said...

You are right no fee for me either. Just hope it works for a long time this way.

Everything Changes said...

Fun stuff. Hope you solve you uploading issues. I'm not sure what the answer would be.

Marie said...

Such a wonderful way to display family shots and also vintage photos of people who are not family, but who help bring a nice vintage warmth into your home!