Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 We went to this gigantic yard sale last Saturday, to benefit cancer patients.  It was huge! and so much fun!

 As you can see, it was no trouble at all to fill the back of the truckbed.  I was very happy to get the wicker chest for only $4.00. (who wouldn't be?)  The old partial set of dishes was $3.00, and we picked out lots of faded pillows for the wicker loveseat we picked up at a church rummage sale the day before for $10.  I had almost plunked down $30.00 for a padded cushion for that aforesaid wicker love seat, but waited.......and at this huge yard sale, we were able to buy a used one for only $2.00 I don't mind a few cat hairs when I can save $28.  When it stops raining here, & I can put the cushions on the loveseat.....I'll post a picture of the loveseat and all its comfy pillows. What a fun week.

 Our beautiful part of the state....I love our area, oh so much.

 One of the many wonderfully beautiful stained glass windows in the church that held the rummage sale.

 This is the church rummage sale.  We got some Oliver Green commentaries and the loveseat.

 The interior of the church....these old buildings have such beautiful architecture and woodwork and windows. Loved the chance to see inside.  They don't build things like they used to, do they!

I could not believe this old-fashioned beauty of a love seat was only $10.00.  It still has plenty of life in it and I'm looking forward to spending many pleasant hours sitting on it surrounded by the roses and fluffy faded cushions from the yard sale.  Sometimes happiness costs hardly anything!!

Our visit with our son was just wonderful! And now we are busy visiting yard sales and nurserys and getting our garden in.   Last night we put the black plastic down and planted some tomatoes and peppers.....and squash.   And....God has been blessing me more than I could share.  For one thing....I left my purse in a   Sheetz store Memorial Day....30 minutes later I remembered.  Panic!!!   Our son reassured me,  everything could be replaced or cards cancelled....as we drove back.  He called,  I described the purse over the phone...they said a customer had turned it in at the counter & they would hold it for me.

A lot of tension....30 minutes go by.....we get there....finally.  I go in & they give me the purse....I am afraid to open it....I open it....there is my camera...cards...money....etc.   Thank you Lord!!!!!!!   That purse was loaded....and never touched.  I am so thankful to the Lord.   If the person that found and turned in my purse happens to read this....thank you with all my heart!  I am so blessed!


Carla said...

Praise God!
That is a great praise report!
Thank you for sharing!!


I am so happy today, I have found you!!! I lost my Connie's Thoughts blog over a year ago and along with it all my addresses of Blogs that I loved.

I have just spent some time looking at yours, it was so good, like coming home.

If you are interested my new blog is http://heartforthesaviour.blogspot.com. Come by and visit if you have time. connie from Texas

Marie said...

How wonderful to attend such a great rummage sale and make so many inexpensive and wonderful finds! I love the stained glass windows! And it was so nice to hear that you have a garden started too! Hope you are doing well.

Everything Changes said...

Looks like you got some steals, and I love the pastoral view.

Saija said...

loved the pictures and the treasures you found!!! and then to top if off - no one stole anything out of your purse! wow ... all in all, a most perfect day!

blessings on your weekend!