Saturday, February 04, 2012

 I enjoyed this little book of Cat Stories so much.  It has wonderful watercolor illustrations and is the perfect bedtime companion.  James Herriot is one special vet!  And while browsing the net this morning. (thinking for a moment of WWII books & history...)  I just came across this very interesting small article & video clip of how the government disposes of huge ships no longer valued.

 This little lady sums up my reading life lately.  I've been enjoying many good reads this winter.  This mild and lovely winter!  And since I'm usually about this for some heater-help?

 A quick treat.   (I learned that fruit dipped in chocolate is very yummy...from one of our favorite restaurants)

 Something else I've been doing lately.  Making air-popped popcorn and drizzling chocolate over top.  Oh so heavenly good!  Alas...still, the calories remain!

I enjoyed reading about the square teapots used on ships that a couple of ladies posted about last week. And the newspaper had a very interesting article about tea bags and tea infusers, and how many shapes they were made in.  Lanterns, eggs, acorns etc.  I picked up these at yard sales now and then and of course never used them ....well hardly at all.  They are interesting though.  Now the big keep or donate????

'And then a little laughing prayer....Came running up the sky,

Above the golden gutters....Where the sorry prayers go by.

It had no fear of anything....But in that  holy place

It found the very throne of God,    And smiled up in His face.'   Amy Carmichael.


W. Latane Barton said...

love the poem by Amy C.

Haven't read the Cat Stories yet. Will have to check it out.

Hope your Sunday is a special one.

Patsy said...

Sweets and a good book make my day.

Michelle P said...

I have many of his books but not this one...yet.

Everything Changes said...

Nice! I love Herriot. Always wanted to move there.

Marie said...

Reading and tea just go together! Love the post. The book looks so interesting, and I loved the Amy Carmichael poem!

Sandra said...

i love email/bloggin/photography and reading. Reading is my most favorite past time of all. if i had to pick one thing it would be reading. I love it and have since I was old enough to hold a book and turn the pages.
i also love chocolate, but alas do not eat it anymore.

Marie said...

Thank you for your very sweet comments on my blog! I appreciate the prayers for my husband. And I am glad you are enjoying the photos! Hope your son is enjoying it here in AZ. Maybe if you come to see him we can meet somewhere! Is he anywhere close to Tucson?

Pamela said...

I did not read this, I did not read this, I did not read this...I am not going to drizzle chocolate on my popcorn... And within I hear a resounding giggle--Oh yes you are! Oh my, sounds like a treat. My favorite tea house serves the largest strawberries I've seen dipped in chocolate.

I love James Herriot's writings.