Thursday, February 16, 2012

 I am thinking about sheep and spinning this afternoon. Sheep's wool is deliciously soft to handle.   And to knit with....ahhhh.  Its well worth every penny you spend on it.

 These pictures were from a local sheep & wool festival last year. A couple of years ago we bought a sheep's fleece from here.  The breed was a  Border Leicester, and about 6 inches length of lock and very curly.

This poor nakedy girl just got sheared apparently.  It must have been a very odd feeling for her right then, but she seemed oblivious. My spinning guild is meeting this week-end and I'm half wanting to go and half wanting to stay home.  Sound familiar?  Ahhh....choices.  And I finally did get back to my knitting group this week, thanks to hubby's gentle push.  I have finished my yellow scarf and want to work up a gauge for a hat or sweater.  Hope you are having a cozy day!


Everything Changes said...

Cool pics. I keep wanting to get pics of the sheep they graze by the side of the road into town. They are not always there because of being moved around, and often we are in hurry mode.

Back in NY my sister took me to a llama farm. They too give beautiful wool.

Marie said...

I would love to learn to spin and weave...just more things I don't have any time for. Once I was given a huge sack of raw wool right off the sheep, and ended up having to give it away. Ahem....I know!!!! I own my own weaving loom and it's in storage!!!! No room for it here. Well, I will move into a bigger house, or sell the loom. Not sure. It is a treasured gift from my husband, and I hate to part with it, but it isn't doing me any good in storage. Choices...

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice! I had a sweater that was my father's when he was a young boy that his mother knitted for him out of their lambs that they raised on their farm in Germany. It was very nice! Enjoy your day!

val Allen said...

Hi Maggie Ann, I so wanted to send a comment tonight, but when I came to the words I am supposed to be able to type if I am not a robot, I couldn't make head or tail of it! I did then see that I could listen and type what I heard, so I hope that this DOES get to you :0)
I loved to see the sheep, we don't see much livestock in these parts of the UK - not since the foot and mouth of years and years ago, I do like sheep .... the smell .... the fleece ..... we used to have friends who kept Jacob sheep and each sheep was named, I once had a fleece from them .... it had a name label "Bramble" - isn't that just so lovely .... almost Miss Potterish, they actually had a farm quite close to the Lake District. I should think the naked lady would have a shiver on if she was over on this side of the pond!
Have a beautiful weekend,
kind regards,
Val xx Berkshire UK