Thursday, October 13, 2011

This pretty bowl was a fun find at TJMax and while I was taking these pictures it slipped to the floor and broke in many pieces.  So I'm glad I got two good pictures out of the deal anyway!  I have a headcold and am lazily sliding through the day.

We are having revival services this week at church and my heart has been blessed and challenged.  The message that moved my heart the most was on prayer.  It  has been reckoned that the average Christian spends about 2 minutes a day in prayer.  Just 2 minutes!  Of course that would vary...but I got the gist of it and God spoke to my heart.   I pray throughout the day,  but now.....I made the decision to give God more of my time in prayer and of my love.

Once upon a time, in another evangelist gave this challenge.  Set the timer for say 15 minutes, and pray your heart out.  Do the same for your Bible reading.  It is easier than you would ever think, and the blessing from God is real and true.

I came to be saved from my sin because an evangelist named Jim Pruitt came to our church and preached a message just for me, by God's will.   It was titled, 'Hell Will Be Filled With Good People'....good alright,   good in their own eyes. And that was just where I was at that time.  Good in my own eyes.  Until that Sunday morning message.  That was the moment I realized...hey I am a lowly sinner, defiled & guilty before a God of purity and power.  Sitting here telling God I was good??  Not too long into that message,  I stopped.  I repented, I couldn't wait for the invitation.  I was turning to God in repentance and wanted to accept His Son as, my Saviour... Jesus Christ.   I wanted to be forgiven of all my sins.

That was a wonderful day for me.  It started out in denial and ended up in joy!  'Verily, verily, (or truly, truly) I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.'   John 5:24

I knelt on the front pew, and prayed a simple prayer something like this.  Dear God,  I know I am a sinner    and I am sorry I ever doubted your word.   Please forgive me.  I accept your son Jesus Christ as my Saviour.  I believe he died on the cross to take my punishment for sin.  Please save me and help me to live for you.   In Jesus name,  ............will you think about this and put your name here?   And, find a good Bible teaching church so that you can get to know your God and how to live for him.

'Things are different now, something happened to me.....when I gave my heart to Jesus.'  This life is only temporary.  No one has ever made it out alive.  But there is life to come, abundant & free if we confess and believe on Jesus Christ.  So let the pretty things of this life break....I have a home eternally that will be with God.   How sweet is that!


LDH said...

Wonderful testimony! I pray this post will tough many hearts!

Everything Changes said...

Nice to stumble on your story. Thank the Lord that the fractured heart is now mended. Sorry that the bowl is not. But it was pretty. :-) Probably was made in China and had lead. So all's well that ends . . . well, you know.