Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nutrition Action Info....Helping America eat better..

This is a link to the online 'Nutrition Newsletter' which promotes their publication. It has a wealth of free information on its online 'archives' to share about healthy eating.

They evaluate junk foods, and compare restaurant entrees with each other, plus great articles like a Dr.'s evaluation of what it means to be 'gluten free' and why. That was in this month's thru the mail issue. but I hope they will put that article online in their archives next month. What a wealth of info. I found it really helpful. I recently started to eat gluten free and had great results. We subscribe to this newsletter, but really, they offer great info in their archived articles, including recipes.

I seldom realize how the food choices I make affect my health in so many ways. I hope someone else will find this site as helpful as I do.


Patsy said...

Your music is lovely and thank you for the nutrition help.

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahh .. I was wondering where the music was coming from (I have several pages open :) Very nice and soothing. I am a big proponent of healthy eating and, for the most part, given up all ready made processed foods. Thanks for the link .. I'll go check it out.