Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here is my new pink bedroom.  I know its just a tiny bit of wall color. Sorry.  Blogger is messing up and will not let me add another picture. Maybe later today. I'm trying their new format, & love the picture size choice but it overlaps my side column =(

 The matching valances and bedspread just did not look nice with the pretty blue walls of many years.  The last time I tried a new color on the walls in here was a disaster.  I opted to not do the primary coat that covers your old color.  Can't think what that is called.  So, my mauve walls turned out to be a dirty chocolate/purple color and I hated it.   It took 4 coats to repaint to satisfaction.  Another sad side to that story is that I was ....depressed enough to let my husband pick out another color.  He walked right over to the color swatches in Lowes and pointed to blue.  Again, after years of blue! We painted the blue back on.  Blue is a beautiful color and I like it very much. But...sometimes you just hanker for something different.  At first this was a bit of a shock....the strong pink, (which is called 'delicate pink') but turned out to be 'here I am' pink.   But every day I'm enjoying it more and more.  I like it!... and am glad my daughter took the initiative and gave me the change I've dreamed of but was a bit scaredy cat to try.  (all that work! you know)

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Marie said...

Oh, men always pick blue.