Monday, September 05, 2011

Anyone knitting?

I am knitting this 'Directional Scarf' from 'Lion Brand' patterns.  Three of the ladies in our Monday knitting group knitted this and it is quite pretty, and a clever pattern.  It was the colors that drew me to start  this.  For sure.

 It is such a rainy morning here and we want to go shopping to buy some bunkbeds for our grandsons.  When they come to visit Papa & Nana,  I want them to not have to bunk out on the floor, even though that is fun too.

My 7 year old grandson wrote me a letter with a drawing on it of a little round bodied monster he drew.  He says in the letter he will give me $3.00 if I make this for him.  And...I can knit it in blue and green yarn since that is what I usually have to knit with!  xoxoxo!


W. Latane Barton said...

Oh my, when I used to knit it was straight lines, none of that switching and turning. I think you are pretty brilliant and I know it's gonna turn out great.

Marie said...

I continue to enjoy knitting my baby dresses. It is a fun hobby.