Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Found Treasure!

My newest flea market treasure! Don't you just love the quality of this illustration?

We were at a local flea market Saturday and I came across this wonderful book. 'Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us, containing 400 illustrations from the Old and New Testaments.' Published in Philadelphia, Pa. Copyright, 1886. I love this book! The simple way the story is stated, touches my heart.

This copy is in rather terrible shape, as you can see. But! only $2.00. I googled it and it is available for around $12.00. I feel as if I have a rare treasure dropped into my lap! Thank you Lord, for this delightful edition. (please click on pictures to enlarge them)

The pictures & story of Noah preparing the ark, caused me to stop and meditate a moment. How he urged the people to listen and come into the ark when it was done. But none would....except his own family. Many are called but few are chosen (or will respond to the call from God) Today, Jesus is the 'ark' we must enter into, by repentance and faith.

How very sad, so few out of millions will come to him. 'Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out'. If you are visiting here and not sure what this my sidebar, please click on 'Are you a good person? It will lead you to a Biblical understanding of being 'saved' from the wrath to come. Thank you!


LDH said...

A very special find with wonderful sketches and drawings!

Mrs. Mac said...

This is a great find! I see collages coming forth :) and a host of other projects. Four hundred illustrations of Biblical drawings is truly a treasure.

And .. yes .. it is sad that not all will come to Christ. Is it just me .. or do you see a great falling away of late? Seems to be the prophesy of the end times.