Thursday, June 23, 2011

God's flowers are so exquisite, aren't they! It slips my mind what these are called, but I read up on them the other day and they are quite poisonous if ingested. Just remembered....Delphiniums. Its good to know though, to keep little ones and pets away from them. Happy gardening.

Have any idea what these are? Our son boxed up some ties and it rather looks like art, with the beautiful colors all coiled together. Don't you think so? I always thought it interesting that men wear rather neutral colors much of the time, by choice often. But their ties are rich fabrics with wonderful designs and colors...sometimes rich prices too. lol. Even a tie on a little boy is charming and special. Of course, little boys are charming to begin with.

We have been cleaning house today and we are all beat. This morning I did get out and weed the herb garden. This rain makes those weeds so easy to pull, I love it!

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