Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A 'green' post

Have you ever seen anything like this before? My daughter bought this for me last year, to hold flowers. It looks lovely and is great for rooting flowers too.

Oh the cozyness of home on a rainy, chilly day. This little green pillow is a recent find on a shopping trip.


LDH said...

Unique piece ~ but perfect for a floral centerpiece. Lovely green glass and pretty just as it is. Lovely pillow too :)

Patsy said...

That is depression glass and they called the top a flower frog to hold the flower upright.

Marie said...

just a note to say I love that your picture is there - it is fun to see you, it does make me feel like I know you better -

podso said...

Your flower "vase" is interesting and the green glass is so pretty. It stands alone well, but would also look nice filled with flowers. I like how you put the hutch together--very nice! And, nice to "meet" you on your sidebar! Have a happy mother's day!

Dotsie (aka podso)