Monday, May 09, 2011

Ever Learning!

Oh boy, I did it! My son must have showed me a dozen times how to 'work' the collage app. for Mac. One time I could get it and the next it puzzled me to no end. Please click on the picture for a really good look.

I wanted to post the picture of the..'blue' water coming out of our spiggot. Yes, it really was blue because the sun was shining on the blue bottle on the windowsill and then hitting the running water. It had me running for the camera.

My son gave me money for Mother's Day to buy myself a wheelbarrow. Just what I want! So off to Lowe's we go.

The pink 'flower' face cloth is done now, and I am starting a green one for my 3 year old grandson who wants one 'like' brothers. He surprised me with his request...=)

The stained glass yard 'sign' is ready to be foiled and soldered. I'm getting in the mood for doing fun things! I did some darling crocheting last night and will post a picture hopefully tomorrow. Of my little Japanese girl....whom I found on the 'net'.

Does a 'mallow' need supported by a stake? I bought one know, the plant where the flower grows as large as your hand!


Laura Frantz said...

Beautiful collage! Every time I visit it's a visual feast:) Bless you for that. I'm so enamoured with your beautiful hutch below... I had to chuckle at your post title, "Ever learning" as I often say the same thing about myself. God is so good to be patient with us! Bless you today.

Karen said...

I enjoyed seeing your blue water! :) You did a great job on the collage. Very pretty! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day!

Patsy said...

You Bit of Whimsey is so good ,I miss doing the cards.
About that yellow peonie it cost 75.00 and I didn't buy it.

val said...

Dear Maggie Ann, it is such a delight to see your photo, and the beautiful new header. I am very impressed with your collage too, I didn't know it could be done on a Mac, I think I must have some lessons from my son! I have just made a photo book on the Mac for my grandsons birthday. Using photos of my raw edged bears that I make .... I made a Learn to count to 10 with Bugsy Bear. I am really addicted to making these super books now! But be warned it IS very addictive should you start one :0)
Have a blessed and creative weekend,
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

val said...

Hello Maggie Ann,
I haven't crocheted for ages ..... but I think this is a little too delicate for me to tackle!
I am glad you stopped by and liked my summer Audrey scarves. Really, you are right, you do not need a pattern. 5 Jelly roll strips (or 4 and use up scraps for the end pieces) Just join 4 together ..... add some ending strips ..... fold in half and stitch around ..... leave an opening! ...... turn ..... edge stitch .... Voila!!
You can make them as long or short as you like.
I hope you do make some .... and show on your lovely blog.
Have a wonderful praising and crafting week :0)
Val xx Oxfordshire UK