Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The beauty of a fresh snowfall, isn't it wondrous! Only God can make this kind of beauty...I love the tree shadows on the new snow. Whoever came up with the phrase, 'winter wonderland' hit the mark I think. I took several pictures out of the windows...and they turned out great...considering the lens must look through the screens too on some of the shots. The neighbors horses must be enjoying it too.

A close-up look at the newly wound bobbin, just started. To think I haven't done any spinning for about 4 months! Thats interesting roving (processed wool ready to spin) This was prepared at a mill I think..and they added in strips of the chocolate brown. Can you imagine how soft this feels? Yes, that soft!

At long last, I started doing some spinning again last night. A perfect night to spin....while the snow fell heavily the whole evening long. A terrible night for those on the road though. Including our son who drove 4 hours in it without mishap. There were a lot of cars abandoned last night. What a night of snow & woe.

I just finished reading 'The Frontiersman's Daughter' last night and I loved it !!!! What a wonderful read. I'm kind of sorry it has ended, it was so good. I feel like I know the characters personally...well almost! I was telling my husband about some of the story and kept having to stop a bit....my eyes kept filling up with tears. This author is an outstanding writer. I had a day-dreamy moment of writing her a fan letter even. Her grandmother got her interested in the early history of Kentucky...and their family goes back into the 1700's of that era. She dedicates the book to her Grandmother who passed on during the book's publication...at 100 years of age. She dedicates the book to her 'my granny'...with the words, I miss you more than words can say. Oh isn't love sweet and pure! Four hundred and twelve pages of great reading.


LDH said...

The snow photo is so beautiful. Happy that your son returned home safely!

Spinning looks so interesting to me. Is it a relaxing process?

Your blogging friend, Lorraine

Patsy said...

That must be a very good feeling to spin your on wool.
What book is that of Jan's?. I started a new blog call My Reading List stop by and tell about the books you read.

val said...

Good evening Maggie Ann, as you have snow outside your window, I can hear the rain. We seem to have come through our snow time and Spring feels to be just around the corner. Crocus, snowdrops and daffodil - and even a daisy or two are making show. It is such a blessing and joy to see.
Your spinning looks lovely, I still remember the feel and especially the smell that I enjoyed when I had my wheel. Though I never was very good.
I am enjoying my memorizing of Psalm 1 and will try to continue in your method.
I do enjoy listening to Pastor John MacArthur, our country is very lacking in sound teaching.
I will try to look out for the book you mention, it sounds very good reading.
Your photos are really lovely, you could keep them and make the start of a calendar for next year's Christmas present list!
Have a precious weekend,
love Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Maggie Anne,
How I enjoyed my visit here this morning! Your books, spinning, flowers, and favorite paintings! Your Betsy Ross lamp!-what a delight! Most of all your love of home and your thankful heart!
As for memorizing the Word-PB and I are working on the book of Ephesians. I love the process and am learning so much, as we take time to ponder each word. It does not come easy for me though.
Would you mind sending me your address again? I don't think my email address is on my blog-one of these days I'm going to take the time to fix things up there. Anyway here it is-chosenforeternity@yahoo.com
Have a wonderful week! With Love from the Cabin,

W. Latane Barton said...

That sounds like my kind of book. I must put it on my reading list. Thanks for the 'heads up'.