Monday, December 13, 2010

We are loving eating these butternut and acorn squash this year. We cut them in half, scoop out the pulp and seeds (saving the latter for baking, Yum) place face down on a foil covered baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until delightfully tender. Then lightly butter and sprinkle brown sugar on them. Yum!!!

The oven roasted seeds are yum too! Put them with the pulp in a colander. Then rise under running water and remove as much pulp as you can while saving the seeds. Pat dry a bit with paper towel. Put on a 'Pam' sprayed baking sheet for about 10 minutes. One or two will pop off like popcorn when nearly done. Lightly salt and enjoy. We eat the entire seed and love these.

We made that trip to the attic and our tree is up! What a wonderful time of the year. How great is the love of our Saviour for the world!


Patsy said...

Your tree is beautiful.
We eat acorn squash but have never roasted the seeds. I will do that. Thanks for the tip.

Dolly said...

Oh, the tree adds a festive touch to your already beautiful-looking warm home. I love seeing that your ornaments look to have been collected over many years, just like mine.

The roasted goodies sound delicious.......especially with the brown sugar !

Saija said...

i have never eaten squash - that i know of ... smiling ... it looks good ...

and i like your Christmas tree ... looks very old-fashioned and homey sitting where it is!

blessings on ya!

val said...

Good morning Maggie Ann,
I haven't been around blogs for a while and so have enjoyed this morning reading through your "saved up posts" I must say i have never tried squash or pumpkin, I suppose through not knowing what to do with it! But reading this makes me want to taste and see for myself. When you say you sprinkle with brown sugar, is that because it would then be classed as a "desert" or do you eat it with meats?
Also I wonder is it like a pumpkin pie with out the pastry? Again, is pumpkin pie sweet or savoury?
Sorry, lots of questions!!!
May you be richly blessed as we celebrate the wonder of God's blessing to us in that Christ Jesus came to save a people for His own possession.
We are rich indeed!
love Val xx Oxfordshire UK