Thursday, October 07, 2010

Isn't this pillow a beauty? I've always liked this print and was happy to find it at a flea market down south while visiting our daughter & her family. I don't think it is new though, and am afraid to take it apart to wash it. What to do, I'm not sure. Yikes! imagination just took flight....what if I've inadvertently brought home a ....gulp....bedbug, or something! Most likely not. Be still, my soul.


racheld said...

I'm sure that's a famous painting which I don't recognize, but it's almost exactly the picture of Rose, in Enchanted April, when she's dressed for dinner and puts the flower into her hair.

I hope you'll drop in at Lawn Tea often---please NEVER apologize for commenting---I love to hear from readers.

And in reading your profile, I do believe that you would love to read Agnes Sligh Turnbull's books. They were a favorite in my teen years, and are still sweetly memorable today; I love to re-read them on a cozy Winter's day.

DO see if your library can get Gown of Glory to start---it's just the sweetest, most innocent story of a small-town minister's family, much like a turn-of-the-century version of Mitford.

And DO PLEASE drop in again!!


Karen said...

ha ha---I hope you didn't bring home any bedbugs! :) It is a very BEAUTIFUL pillow.

Dolly said... think like me !
I think I'd put the pillow into an airtight plastic bag for a couple of weeks.....that should take care of any uninvited guests, I think.

I didn't think either ! I've been out looking for a thick cushion for my rocker/glider all week ! Yikes !

W. Latane Barton said...

Perhaps if you 'fluffed' it in the dryer it would 'freshen' it up. It's too beautiful to not display with a free mind and loving heart.

Ultuna said...

I love it too! ...and I have a stamp with this's so lovely..:)