Thursday, July 15, 2010

All this sunny yellow for $2.50, and so elegant too! Here I am stopping by to visit my own blog. Time flies by more quickly than ever it did when hubby was working and I had hours to drift along in. Still, I wouldn't go back, no no no...=)

Have you heard of these two sites? is a site where you type in your zip and it pulls up all the auctions in your area. Whee....what fun. And the other, and it shows a calendar with all the local yardsales. (blogger will not let me post the live link, so you might copy and paste the links into your browser, sorry!)Trouble here is, our house is chock full of things. I do recall though, that we were at a 'flower & garden' auction not long ago and came home with every available space in the trunk and back seat filled and overflowing with plants. How sweet it is! =)

Marie, I sent you an email....=) By the way, if you like classics, you may want to watch the bbc movie, 'North and South' adapted from an Elizabeth Gaskell novel. I liked it so very much!

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val said...

Good `morning! I like to visit you in the morning for it refreshes and inspires me for the day ahead. I agree that "retirement" is a Full Time Job!
One of my favourite DVD's is North and South. I love everything about it being a Northerner - the place she set her story was really Manchester and though I am a Yorkshire woman I have lived in Lancashire for a good number of years (as well as Derbyshire and now Oxford!) But Yorkshire and Lancashire .... the wars of the Roses still lingers on! Each one believing that they won .... Of course I'm sure it was the House of York!
Whatever you both do today may you be blessed in it. Val