Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Saturday at the flea market I came across this... (inserting drum roll here & smiles) this lovely needlepoint clock that came home with us for only $6.00. At first I thought I'd take it apart and sew it up into a pillow for the couch. Wouldn't that have been nice? But it looked so nice on the wall I knew it had a new home....as is.

My husband called my attention to this gorgeous vintage apron with insets of hand crocheted lace. I was so thrilled to get this and will display it on my lace 'rack' (really a quilt rack, but it does nicely displaying lace too). Guess how much??? Would you believe $2.00? Oh joy...

Last week my hubby & I gave a demo at our Christian school demonstrating the wool-to-yarn process. It was a lot of fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. I meant to ask someone to snap a few pictures during the time the children were there, but things were so busy I completely forgot. (We had two different grades come in one right after another) So I snapped a couple of pics after it was over.

Everyone got to try spinning on a CD spindle and got to take it home with them also. A few kids got to try the spinning wheel also. I love the idea of a CD spindle....its a spinning wheel on a stick! I've been spinning with mine in the car lately and oh its fun. I loved seeing the children's faces when the bat came off off the carder, with that gorgeous blue/purple color fiber richly running the length of the white wool. What fun!

Well, its time to go start lunch. Leaving you with an 'ode' to the beauty of flowers which we most of us experience with joy and a lightening of the heart...=)

"Everywhere about us are they glowing, Some like stars, to tell us Spring is born; others, their blue eyes with tears o'erflowing, Stand like Ruth amid the golden corn;

In all places, then, and in all seasons, Flowers expand their light and soul-like wings, Teaching us, by most persuasive reasons, How akin they are to human things.

And with childlike, credulous affection
We behold their tender buds expand;
Emblems of our own great resurrection,
Emblems of the bright and better land.".....Longfellow


Dolly said...

Thank you ! I was just writing about how much pleasure I get from the simplest blooms !

Have a wonderfully blessed day !

bennie and patsy said...

Now those are great finds and you have been very busy.

Dawn said...

Nice finds!!!
Good $$!

Mrs. Mac said...

WOW ... good deals you found! How nice that you and hubby did the yarn spinning demonstrations for the children ... must have been fun for them.


Oh, Maggie Ann, I just love the treasures that you found. I am sure that the kids enjoyed your visit with them I would have loved to have seen the demonstration also. I know that was fun for them as well as for you all. connie

fatloss said...

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