Monday, May 03, 2010

Here at last is a picture of these little beauties! They both came from 'Adies' grocery store, believe it or I have cuttings rooting in jars of water.

I've had the most marvelous time at the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival this weekend. We almost didn't go...with hubby recovering and me an attack of cramps Friday evening. But we did go, the worst of it was waiting an HOUR! in line to get into the field for parking, this after 3 hours of driving. And then the heat ..oh was the closest I ever came to passing out. But..I didn't! And the variety of wool and things for sale was to the moon and back.

More on this later when I can get a few pictures of the goodies up. We are off to town....its been pouring rain here...and gloomy. So today is a bright yellow sweater day for sure. I don't know why, when I post I sound stilted to myself, but when I leave comments on other folks blogs...I loosen up consideratly. Hmmm. Am I a bit self conscience perhaps. Off I go...if you've come by...leave me a word or two if you've time. I'd relish that...I saw a sign recently that said...'relish today, ketchup tomorrow!'...cute huh.


bennie and patsy said...

So glad to see you both are getting out now, your violets are a lovely color.

val said...

Well, hello Maggie Ann, I don't agree! You DO NOT sound stilted when I read your blog, I really enjoy it and look forward to your next postings :0)
Your flowers are so beautiful - God's creation always thrills the heart doesn't it?
I look forward to your next episode of your wool adventure.
with love and blessings,
Val xx