Monday, April 05, 2010

We had a blessed Easter Day... and wasn't the weather beautiful! I'm so thankful to be redeemed.~~~ We made a luscious strawberry pie, the first of the season for us. And my hubby bought 24 mangoes for only $5.00 at the flea market and so we've been having yummy mango 'smoothies'. I sound like I'm caught up in a world of culinary delights...grin. Well, its partially true.

I spent the day cleaning and organizing my craft room. If only it could stay sane in there. Too much and too little space, but at least I have a craft room to clutter up. Has anyone else been enjoying the forsythia? I brought in two bouquets with red tulips stuck among the branches and it is SO beautiful.

I'd better call it a day...I've been folding the German star ornaments tonight and am pleased to have made 9 of them. Its a good feeling to accomplish something that's been on your to-do-list isn't it.

'Some day the silver cord will break, And I no more as now shall sing; but oh, the joy when I shall wake...Within the palace of the King!

Chorus, 'And I shall see Him face to face, And tell the story...saved by grace; And I shall see Him face to face, And tell the story...saved by grace.' taken from the hymn, 'Saved by Grace'...Fanny Crosby How wonderful that its all true. Every word.


val said...

Oh Maggie Ann - you do refresh my soul, I love to read the hymns that you include in your writings. I so love to sing Fanny Crosby hymns - the modern songs of today just focus on doctrinal truths as the old ones did.
Tis a pity that computers are just "virtual" and we cannot taste and smell such good things as strawberry pie! I'm sure it must have tasted good. :0)
Have a Happy and Blessed day Maggie Ann,
love Val xx

bennie and patsy said...

Ok Maggie Ann that is what they can put on my headstone. Beautiful!Only it will say The Silver cord broke--And

Anonymous said...

Maggie Ann .. yes fresh fruits the best this time of year and mango with scrimps sounds right yummers to me for supper.

I adore forsythia.. yet the heat has killed most of it along with other spring florals here.

Ditto with craft rooms, was working on mine over the past few days since my babies were in the shop getting cleaned and a spring tune up (sewing machines).. perfect time to gut out, clean and get the soul ready for other crafts later on.

with love and blessed are you,

LDH said...

Good morning, Maggie Ann,

I imagine the yellow forsythia and the red tulips make a gorgeous bouquet! So nice to hear of your delightful Easter and celebration of the Risen Lord.

Makes me want to make a few more stars as I read that you have folded some again :)

Nice stopping by!
Kindly, ldh

Karen said...

I'm glad you had a nice Easter--and strawberry pie sounds delicious! Wish I had a piece right now ;) Blessings~ Karen

Saija said...

sounds divine! :o)
and flowers that are blooming ... wow ... we are still waiting for the grass to green ... atleast the snow is gone and so is the ice ...

blessings on you!!!!

KathyB. said...

Maggie Ann, thank-you for visiting and commenting in my blog, that led me to yours!

I completely agree with you on the craft room thing. My craft room is in constant need of cleaning and re-organizing, maybe because like you, there is always some sort of crafting going on. Like you I am grateful to have a craft room too!

Mangoes do sound delicious and exotic. Hmm, mangoes and German star ornaments, sounds like a tropical Christmas at Easter!