Monday, February 08, 2010

Here is a sampling of snow pictures! (just click on them for a better look if you'd like to) It is very gorgeous...but causing major problems...many are without electric power yet and more snow is on the way. We are very thankful for the woodburner.

My son took me for a ride Sunday afternoon...and while he drove the back country roads....I had the camera ready. He often angled the truck so that I could snap away without getting out. Remember the 'White Way of Delight' that Anne named in Anne of Green Gables? Well, one particularly wide creekbed, half frozen, half flowing, filled my heart & mind with her title...'The White Way of Delight'.


LDH said...

Just lovely pictures of the snow. Glad you were able to get them off of your camera so we could enjoy them. We are having the same weather ~ expecting more beginning tomorrow night. I have lots of pictures that I am saving for Shadow Shot Sunday post.

Always a joy visitng with you!

Kindly ldhchi

Dolly said...

Wow, that is just unimaginably beautiful.

I thank you for sharing the photos, as I celebrate seeing rain melt our little bit we got.

Stay safe and warm.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Maggie Ann!
Wow! Your snowfall pictures are beautiful! I'm so glad you're enjoying it all! I know and understand how it can be hard on some people-always try to take that into consideration, but I do love a good snowstorm! Its been rather mild, by Northern standards, this year for us. Oh, we've had our accumulations--but believe it or not, not as much as usual! We are, however, expecting some snow this evening.

Glad to hear how you are enjoying time spent with your husband being home these days. That's how it should be and it does sound so nice--these days spent enjoying each others companionship is precious and it warms my heart to hear it!
We are continuing to be busy with the new Antique store preparations. We are in the midst of painting. Picking just the right colors wasn't easy--I think maybe we over analyze things a bit too much. Anyway have finally gotten that settled and my daughter Shannon and PB are finishing up today. I get to stay home and clean out the wood-stove- (Yuk!--but love that wood heat!)-and take Buck for a much needed walk. Thursday I will go in and begin to give the bathrooms their first good cleaning. The place we are renting used to be a laser game place-everything was black--so you can imagine the painting that had to be done!
Love your new blog header!
Also always love your thoughts from God's Word!
Sorry to be so long-winded again-but its always such a joy to hear from you!
God bless, dear sister,
with Love from the Cabin,
Claudia O.