Thursday, January 14, 2010

I thought my pc had died for good but my son mentioned last night that with the antenna broken off a needed to be propped up, so I'm happily posting this morning! (after a bit of antenna propping!) I feel like I've just arrived at the party and can't wait to visit about.

What I need to do is get back to posting pictures...unloading them from the camera is easy but somehow things get bogged down from there. I just sewed a pretty little pillow for the living room. For once I picked out a bit of upholstery fabic lickety-split. And the brown pom-poms to trim it with. Sewing is so rewarding..because in a few hours or a couple of days you can be done. If all goes well....typed with a somber reflection of things that did not go well in my sewing room. Many have gone well though, I remind myself. A thankful heart is well on its way to being a cheerful heart. I say.

Oh poor Haiti! What a nightmare! I pray help comes quickly from all around the world.

Well, I've got to go. I had tried putting a small shoe rack on my pc table to have a place for shelving papers etc. After a few days, I'm back and completely read off the table except for the pc's & phone etc. I dragged a small bookcase in here and stacked the 'stuff' on it. I think this will work.

I am reading the book of Job just now in my Thru the Bible in a year readings...and in the foot note of my Ryie study says that one of Job's friends...Zophar's council and authority was not of God...but from his own common sense. I, how I need to take the time to go often to God's word to see what God's view of whatever I am thinking of is. Instead of popping off some of my own 'common sense' (which I am good at!)

"How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalms 119:103 and across the page I see...'Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.' Psalms 119:140 What a goal for the use this truth in my heart every day. With his help...


Dolly said...

Glad you're back !

Yes, I'm doing the Bible reading to hubby in the mornings....must be the same guide as you are using. You know, those extra notes are very important. So many times we've heard quotes 'from the Bible' on how to live our lives......and they were some of the incorrect things that Job's friends counseled him with !
I didn't realize that until the other day......although, it was a case of our Sunday School teacher saying that Job was wrong when he said "the LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away", I've read at the end where it says that Job spoke truth and his friends did not, so I'm not sure about the argument our teacher made that the devil does the taking away? confusing

bennie and patsy said...

Thanks for your visit. Glad you can get back to posting. God's word is wonderful.

Mrs. Mac said...

Just popping in to say a quick hello. We've had pc problems the past six months .. mostly due to having metal siding on our home .. signal bounces .. now we have a high speed router that has brought us up to speed. I'm getting out the wool you sent me this weekend. Finally life is slowing down a bit. Enjoy your weekend.

Saija said...

*big hugs* to you!
seems like i've been away for a long time ... so it's good to pop by at your sweet blog, just to see how you have been ...

blessings on ya!

sparrow's song said...

So glad your pc is at least thriving. Bouncing in thought: For me, I ironically find so many other things to do when the 'electricity' goes out. And then the lights come back on and I find myself wishing it would have stayed off a little longer because I was rather enjoying the time. Strange, I know.

How tragic for Haiti. Yet our government has given millions to them over the years but what do they have to show for it? A corrupt government and suffering people.

you shared,
how I need to take the time to go often to God's word to see what God's view of whatever I am thinking of is. Instead of popping off some of my own 'common sense'

Which brings to mind...

Proverbs 3:5-7 (King James Version)

5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Maggie Ann said...