Thursday, December 03, 2009

'stand thou to thy God'

This Charles Spurgeon webpage is wonderful, time and time again it has blessed my heart with its Biblical truths and awesome photos. A good site to bookmark!

I'm 'just' awake, sitting here with a cup of hot tea, trying to wake up. I am not an early bird thats for sure. Has anyone else been enjoying the new Susan Boyle CD? I love her voice....what a glorious gift she has!


bennie and patsy said...

Thank you so much for the Spurgeon webpage. I plan on getting Susan Boyle CD. Hope you had a good day.

Mrs. Mac said...

Not a morning person, eh :) I'm hoping to get the CD you mentioned for Christmas. What a story she has about her 'discovery'. I've been enjoying connecting with some cousins (known and newly discovered) via :). My Danish heritage is coming alive .. And can be traced back to the 1300's. Exciting! Of course my most important heritage comes from knowing Christ! Have a nice Lord's day!

Saija said...

you and Debra both mentioned the Susan Boyle cd ... :o) ... i've heard bits of it, and it is good ... and good on her!

just popping by with a hi!!! (hugs)