Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's me!...the doting yarn spinner....catching a few snapshots of my mighty fine

My thank yous to Patsy for passing this award along to me and Congratulations to you Patsy for your very special blog!(which I always enjoy visiting!) Now, I want to share the honors also. These special blog friends....bless my heart with their love for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. My sisters in Christ.

Saija's blog..."Thro' a Glass Darkly"
Senkyoshi's blog...'Life in the 10/40 Window'
Connie's blog...'Connie's Thoughts from the Heart'
Mary's blog...'The Way It Is'
Mrs. Mac's blog...'Whatever Happened to'

This handful of wool from my trash bag...turned into the fluffy clean wool you see in the other picture. Those wool combs are nothing short of wonderful the way they can transform what was on the way to being discarded. I've been busy as a bee working with my wool and loving it.

This is my first attempt at 'novelty' yarn and what a time I had with it. Pain in the neck to be sure! I was excited about trying this but apparently I have a lot to Most of the bits and pieces I added fell out along the way during the spinning process.

These 'rovings' hanging up are from batts that came from the carder that have been gently pulled into 'roving', ready to spin. I love to feel these soft loops of wool hanging over my arm as I spin from them. Last night I learned how to make 'rolags' from batts that are wonderful to work with. I'm ever learning!

Ready, get set, Spin!


Saija said...

you are so deserving of that award ... you always bless my heart and encourage me when i visit ... yes - all these 4+ years!!!!

and thank you for sharing your award with the rest of us blogging buds too ...

big hugs and blessings on ya!!!

bennie and patsy said...

Well we almost got a look at you. You are doing a lot of hard work on those sheep threads.

Mrs. Mac said...

If only I had a friend such as you that lived next door that could teach me how to spin AND become a better knitter ... then life would be grand! :) I remember seeing one of your first posts spinning with a cd and a stick or pencil stuck through it (?) ... now look at the progress you have made. I'm very tempted to research spinning one of these days soon. Currently, I've 'mastered' my own design for cotton dish clothes (If you'd like one ... email me your address). sillyoldme at yahoo dot com). Thanks for the blogger award!

sparrow's song said...

Congrats on the award.

Your wool from the trash bag looks like it was fresh from the sheep. Was it?

I fixed your image on your SS blog account. Just shrunk it down, deleted the old one, and reloaded it into your account. In a flash! Looks nice.

Senkyoshi said...

Thank you for the award. I feel the same way about your blog! I love all your posts about yarn and spinning. I would love to learn that kind of thing, but God has other plans for me...