Friday, April 03, 2009

Praise the Lord! Things are looking up here. Our sodden family room is drying out beautifully. Even the hassock which was completely soggy. Some nice sunny days...with the sun streaming in and 2 dehumidifiers running day & night plus a large fan, are doing a magnificent job. Thanks for all your caring comments of sympathy and encouragement. We needed some empathy! =). I never thought we would come around to this point of getting on with life with no replacements but it looks like we are going to do just that. Oh thank you heavenly Father!

You know, as things go...I've happened to snap some great photos twice lately, just grabbing up the camera nearest me. Not with the new Canon rebel though. The lighting was just right and our little old Sony cybershot came through with flying colors. Flying colors. Now that perfectly describes this shot. Its so easy to impress myself...grin. I often have a case of 'wonderful-itis'. Maybe I'm related to Pollyanna. I'll have to review this thought when I'm a grouch-ouch...grin.


TattingChic said...

Glad to hear that things are drying out around there!

bennie and patsy said...

So glad things are looking up and your photo is great.

nancy said...

Hi Maggie Ann. Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I'm sorry I haven't been by lately -- 'moving in' has its own alternate reality and time gets warped!
I'm so glad things are drying out. My first thought was, "That thing should not have broken. Warrantee! Warantee!" I don't know that there is much recourse there to fix the residual damage.
When we had water damage, our homeowners' insurance paid for everything.
God bless you.

Mrs. Mac said...

It's nice to see some order to your disaster. The coleus picture is such a bright spot for this spring deprived gal. Thanks for sharing. We have our drywall nearly repaired ... just needs the texture applied. I'll be glad when our storage room is back to being that (a storage room) ... Have a nice weekend.

Mary said...

Well, it does look like your plants kinda liked the indoor rain :o) Glad everything is drying out and looking completely fine!

Saija said...

i'm so glad things are drying up!
yeeks, that looked like quite the mess a few posts back!